Senior Members

Senior Members

The senior membership of Hughes Hall comprises a broad range of professional academics at all stages of their academic careers, from Research Fellows and Research Associates developing their research profiles, to established Professors directing world-class projects and departments. Hughes Hall is also proud of its unique Bridge Fellows scheme, which appoints Fellows who are active in business, the third sector and other areas of professional life to enhance the range of the College’s senior membership and to support the Bridge Initiative.

As a group, the formal “Fellows” of the College form the Governing Body, the highest authority in the College – they are also the College’s charity trustees. However, the broader senior membership, made up of Honorary, Life, and Quondam Fellows, as well as By-Fellows, Associates, Research Associates, and Visiting Scholars incorporates a wide range of scholars and professionals into the intellectual and communal life of the College. As a group, referred to collectively as the “senior membership”, these individuals represent the core academic, cultural and institutional leadership of the College community.

An important feature of collegiate life at Hughes is that students and the senior membership mix freely, with no separate provision at regular meals or in the use of the College’s recreational facilities. In a distinctive way, fostered by the egalitarian and mature atmosphere of the College, all members, whether student or senior member have opportunities to share interests and learn from one another in the relaxed interdisciplinary environment of the College.

Most of the College’s senior membership work in highly interdisciplinary ways, and have research interests that cross traditional boundaries and disciplines.

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