Current Students

This section contains information primarily intended for current students of the College – links on left.

Useful Links

  • Upay top up for dining (please click HERE for a Upay user guide.)
  • The MCR (College Students Union)
  • Tutors
  • Senior Tutor
    If you wish to see him, email a request after checking availability here.
    Enter your Cambridge email address and a blank password. On redirection, log in via Raven.
    (Note that if you are logged in to Google via another email address, you will need to log out first.)
  • Personal Information Page (see below)
     You can use your Personal Information Page on the college’s student information system “portal” to request letters (e.g. for a bank account), and update your personal details. For security reasons this page will not work for connections from outside the University network. To access the page from outside the network you will need to request a “VPDN” account from the computer service.
  • Library
  • Dining Room Menus
  • Punt Booking
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