Fellows and Senior Members

The majority of the Fellows of the College are academics engaged in teaching and research in the various departments and faculties of the University. They come from diverse backgrounds and have expertise in a range of subjects to match our students’ needs. Some of this group are Research Fellows, early-career researchers in the University who bring a different perspective to college life and deliberations. Hughes Hall is also proud of its unique City Fellows scheme, which appoints Fellows who are active in the City of London to help the College create closer links to the UK business community and to bring in useful professional skills to the College. A summary of Fellows working in the various core areas of the College’s academic activity is available on the Research and Study page.

As a group, the “Fellows” form the Governing Body, the highest authority in the College.

Our Senior Members and Associates are highly valued members of the College who contribute in many different ways, some as Directors of Studies (we extend the privileges of Senior Membership to all our Directors of Studies who are not already part of the college community). Some Senior Members have research associations, and others bring a diverse range of professional skills to College life. Our Post-Doctoral Research Associate scheme also allows us to welcome more early-career researchers into our community in addition to those on the Governing Body.

There are additional senior categories of Fellowship: Honorary Fellows, Life Fellows and Quondam Fellows.

An important feature of collegiate life at Hughes is that Students and Fellows mix freely, with no separate provision for Fellows at meals or in the use of the College’s recreational facilities. All members have many opportunities to share interests and learn from one another in the relaxed interdisciplinary environment of our College.


Dr Anthony Freeling

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Professor Nabeel Affara
Fellow, Tutor, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological)

Dr John Barker

Professor Michael Barrett

Dr Martin Bellamy

Mr Richard Berg Rust
Fellow, Development Director

Dr Heather Blackmore

Dr Francesco Bonaccorso

Dr David Bosworth
Fellow, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical)

Dr Matteo Bruna

Professor Mary Buckley
Fellow, Pro-Vice-President

Dr Hilary Burton

Mr William Charnley

Dr Bernard Devereux
Fellow, Deputy Vice-President, Graduate Admissions Tutor, Director of Studies in Geography

Professor Ming-Qing Du

Dr Michael Franklin FSA FRHistS MBCS CITP
Fellow, Praelector, Academic Secretary, Honorary Archivist and Tutor, HHBC Senior Treasurer, Director of Studies in History; Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic

Dr Markus Gehring
Fellow, Director of Studies in Law

Dr Andrew Gould

Professor Ian D Hodge
Fellow, Director of Studies in Land Economy

Miss Rowena Ironside
Fellow, City Fellow

Dr Agnieszka Iwasiewicz-Wabnig

Dr Philip Johnston
Fellow, Senior Tutor, Director of Studies in Theology & Religious Studies

Dr Bianca Jupp

Professor James Kaufman

Mr Tony Lemons MBE

Dr Alastair Lockhart
Fellow, Tutor, Web Fellow

Dr Sara Melville

Professor Neil Mercer
Fellow, Vice-President

Dr Jean-Francois Mercure

Mr Marc Mogull
Fellow, City Fellow

Professor William Nuttall

Dr Ajith Parlikad
Fellow, Tutor

Dr Sara Piccirillo

Professor Jonathan Powell

Dr Aisling Redmond
Fellow, Honorary Research Convenor

Dr Sarah Rough
Fellow, Tutor, Director of Studies in Chemical Engineering

Dr Corinne Roughley
Fellow, Tutor, Director of Studies in Human, Social & Political Sciences (Archaeology & ​Anthropology)

Professor Kenneth B H Ruthven

Dr Carole Sargent
Fellow, Admissions Tutor for Graduate Course in Medicine, Tutor, Academic Convenor

Dr Kishore Sengupta

Dr Eugene Shwageraus

Dr Paul W L Siklos FRCP

Dr Nidhi Singal
Fellow, Director of Studies in Education

Dr Jeffrey Skopek

Professor Gordon Smith

Dr Elizabeth Swann

Mr Neil Taylor
Fellow, Bursar

Dr Suzanne Turner

Dr Robyn Veal
Fellow, Tutor

Professor Marc Weller

Dr Jessica White
Fellow, Honorary Fellows' Steward, Director of Studies in Medicine (Years 3-4)

Dr Nigel Yandell
Fellow, Honorary Director of Music

Dr Rolf Ypma
Fellow, Honorary Publications Officer

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