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Non-Stipendiary Research Fellowship and Post-Doctoral Research Associateship Competition 2014-2015

Hughes Hall offers two distinct categories of non-stipendiary position: Research Fellowships and Post-Doctoral Research Associateships. Applicants may choose to apply for one category or both.

We welcome applications from all academic disciplines, particularly the arts, humanities and social sciences. Applicants must have submitted their doctoral dissertation by 31 December 2014, and successful applicants will be invited to join Hughes Hall in April 2015 or soon after this.

Research Fellows are Trustees and members of the Governing Body, with the same privileges and responsibilities as other Fellows. Although these Fellowships are non-stipendiary, candidates must be of the same standard as stipendiary Research Fellows in Cambridge Colleges. Research Fellows must be resident in Cambridge in order to take a full part in evening meetings and social functions. They may be given leave of absence for their research.

Post-Doctoral Research Associates have fewer privileges and responsibilities, and are usually at an earlier stage of their academic career. They are invited to be fully involved in College life, but are not subject to residency requirements.

To apply, please see www.hughes.cam.ac.uk/researchfellowships

Applications must be sent electronically to the Academic Secretary Dr M.J. Franklin, research.competition@hughes.cam.ac.uk, by 17.00 GMT 10 December 2014.



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