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The University of Cambridge is over 800 years old, and its unique collegiate system has become a central part of the experience of studying here. All students at the University of Cambridge are firstly members of a College, studying in the many faculties and departments of the University. The University is responsible for the administration of the courses of study which lead to the award of degrees, and the Colleges provide for all the students’ other needs – providing accommodation, communal meals, library facilities, sport and social facilities and a supportive academic community. Your choice of College is therefore a decision about the kind of place you wish to live and socialise during your time in Cambridge, as well as a choice based on the facilities available to you as a student members.

Hughes Hall is the oldest of the University of Cambridge’s 6 graduate colleges. Together, the graduate colleges admit about 35% of all graduate students in the University — offering facilities and support appropriate for older students. We are a growing community that began life with a history of pioneering in the provision of education to women teachers. These days we are proud of the diversity of nationalities and academic subjects represented among the 500-550 men and women who now make up our student body covering all the degrees offered at Cambridge.

Hughes Hall concentrates on providing a mature atmosphere for learning; thus we do not admit standard age undergraduates. Unless you already possess a degree you must be at least twenty-one years of age to come to Hughes.

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